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Intelligent car heating and charging station
Piharasia + latausasema hidaslataus
We produce an upgrade kit for existing car heating stations. Our kit transforms the car heating box
station so it can also works as a charging station for electric cars and other battery-based devices
(lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, electric quadcopters, etc.) with billing of electricity consumption.
The problems of today's heating stations
Nearly all parking lots near homes and businesses are equipped with heating stations in Finland.
However, the vast majority of these stations have a number of drawbacks that limit their use and are
inconsistent with green energy and responsible consumption in sustainable city.
The problems of the current stations are:
  • Fixed heating time, even when 20 minutes is enough to heat a car.
  • Inability to turn on the warm-up from a cell phone, which causes the warm-up time to be set in advance and inaccurately and part of the warm-up time electricity is wasted.
  • Fixed tariff, although it is reasonable to tariff the use of parking space with the cost of spent electricity.
  • Inability to plug in an electric car for charging and billing without modifications.
Market changes
Today, the market is changing toward responsible energy consumption. The number of electric cars is
increasing rapidly and the owners of these cars want to charge them in the yard.

The power of about 3.5 kW, which is connected to the heating stations, allows to charge the car for about 150 km of travelovernight, which is quite enough for most trips.

Thus, the possibility of operating the stations can take on the role of providing electric mobility without significant and costly changes in infrastructure.
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Reasons to Choose Our Service
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • 1
    We upgrade charging stations without replacing existing wiring, outlets, and keys
  • 2
    Timer becomes electronic with remote control
  • 3
    Ambient air temperature monitoring and automatic heating time calculation.
  • 4
    Off-line clock in case of power failure.
  • 5
    Switching the outlet from heating mode to the car charge mode through the app.
  • 6
    Complete charging status monitoring system via the Internet
  • 7
    Energy metering by MID approved device and power billing system
  • 8
    Power balancing in a group of devices including electricity spot price monitoring
  • 9
    Backlighting of sockets and appliances to facilitate working in darkness
  • 1
    The possibility to rent a parking space for a short-term rent with automatic billing. This
    means that the owner of a parking space with an upgraded heater box can set hours when
    anyone can use his space with the possibility to charge parking. In this way, all parking spac-
    es are used as efficiently as possible
  • 2
    Control the lock of the heater box not only with the key, but also from the app
  • 3
    Possibility of outdoor lighting of the adjacent territory. Thus, the devices solve the issue of
    lighting in the parking lot and make it safer
The cost of the upgrade kit is EUR 599 excluding VAT
The price also includes management software and
all functionality updates, which will be expanded
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